I’m Andy Schofield

I started my senior career in an Operations, Trading & Marketing environment within Focus DIY back in the late 90’s where I spent the next 13 years

Working predominantly within the Gardening Sector, but also covering areas such as Housewares, Pet Products and even confectionary

I later took over the value offer for Focus, which was branded as No Frills DIY – A stand alone independant group of DIY stores
This encapsulated a full DIY product portfolio, giving me exposure to a vast aray of suppliers and contacts within multiple industries

Branching into the independant gardening sector I developed my skills for general business managemnet and direct Financial control

My journey then took me into the digital era of Shopping TV and multi-channel sales and marketing at Ideal World

I always enjoyed the independant garden centre world, so when offered an opportunity to set up and grow a new independant group of Garden Centres, I jumped at the exciting prospect

I spent the next 3 years growing the Home and Garden Group from 2 centres to 10, I became adapt at setting up new aquisitions, adopting them into a structured environment, which set me up nicely for my next challenge within Manufacturing,  where I took over the running of a newly aquired, former family run business which was the largets car mat manufacturer in the UK

My previously developed skills helped me quickly understand where the business needed to develop and change in order to sit within a larger group and better serve its customers.
This included setting up Lean manufacturing processes alongside ISO9001

After nearly 2 years of stabilising and reorgansing I went to work back within a eCommerce environment for a manufacturer of car accessory products, who was looking to expand, grow and restructure its supply chain and manufacturing systems and processes

2020 has been a challenge for us all, and one where I decided now was the time to do something I had always wanted to do – be my own boss!
It has also proved to be a tremendous catylist for those with an apetite to change direction and adapt to developing markets, with a significant shift towards online sales and a digital presence

Thats me

Tell me about you, and what you need, and I’ll tell you how I can help