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I am a very experienced Commercial Manager, which is a broad term
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Business development – supply chain, customer exposure and growth, eCommerce and digital growth

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A shift in consumer behaviour

“There’s been a need for many to quickly adapt to ecommerce. One of the biggest drivers that we have seen is an emphasis on functional websites, as retailers can’t go to visit distributors or attend tradeshows. Whether it’s through websites, social media or marketplaces, there has been tremendous growth in this area. The move towards investing in digital, whether it’s through Facebook or Google Ads, or taking SEO more seriously, is here to stay.”

Sarah Carroll – Founder of Grow Global

COVID-19 to add £5.3bn to UK ecommerce in 2020

- UK ecommerce predictions upgraded from £73.6bn to £78.9bn due to COVID-19 - Amazon expected to add £2bn following surge in online shopping - Significant impact of global COVID-19 leads analysts at global retail insights firm Edge by Ascential to update all forecasts on retail sales and consumer spending in 2020

Edge by Ascential

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